Sunshine Roadtrip

by Genevieve Hutchinson

July 2014 Kyle and I decided it'd be fun to take a two week road trip to Florida. Here are some of my favourite snaps and a bit of a recap from our adventure. We can't wait to go on our next Road Trip! 

The best sunset i've ever seen at our first camp site near Cincinnati. We cooked dinner over the fire and as it got dark heaps of fireflies came out to play. Even though it was just a KOA off the highway it was a "magical hidden gem" as Kyle put it.  

We took a detour so Kyle could have some fun on the The Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap, NC. Kyle was like a kid on Christmas morning leading up to this road and before we even got there we suddenly slipped off the road into the ditch just missing a huge tree. The only causality was a tiny tree and the passenger side skirt which we zip tied back on. Thank goodness this happened before the 318 twists and turns with no guard rails up a mountain on bald tires and pouring rain that awaited us. Kyle was a bit bummed he had to take it slow but it was a really cool route with a beautiful view and we even signed our names after surviving it. We drove to Atlanta and stayed in a hotel that night which was heavenly. We ate at JTC Kitchen, shared mac' n cheese, spicy mussels and the best fried chicken we've ever had. 

We stayed in New Symran beach at a resort for 3 days. These days were filled with beach days, impromptu photo shoots, fish tacos, we tried sweet plantains for the first time (so yum), explored the area and Daytona Beach which is close by. Visited many tacky beach stores but managed to find a cute pineapple one piece swimmer and my first skateboard. 


Pool side photo shoot featuring my new banana board 

Daytona Beach & antiquing 

We packed up and went to our resort in Orlando for the next 3 days, which was Tuscany themed. The next day we went to Universal Studios - Harry Potter world and butter beer were the highlight of our day. I felt a bit queasy at times because I don't do so great with roller coasters and it was hottest day yet. Kyle still got to go on all the rides he wanted to though and somehow got chosen for all the volunteer actors when needed which was pretty funny. 

Disney World was definitely my type of amusement park. Minnie mouse ears, soft pretzels, kiddie rides and the most magical fireworks...I think Kyle teared up a bit. On our last day in Orlando we went to Old Town to check out the old car show. 

Charleston, SC 

On our route home we stayed at a cute B&B in Old Charleston. Before we went out for dinner we walked down to the water past all the old mansions and huge Angel Oak trees. We ate at Poogans Porch which was amazing southern food, the best home made biscuits with honey butter and by far the best mac n' cheese we've ever had. Charleston was a very quaint and picturesque place that we hope we can go back to someday to explore more.  

On our way out of Charleston we got a speciality coffee; black julep which is an iced espresso, mint, honey all shaken up from Black Tap coffee. It was super strong (and we like strong) but tasty. Then we started our drive to our first camp site. It was extremely hot so that wasn't much fun in a non-air conditioned car. But we took the Blue Ridge Parkway to get there which was very pretty and distracted us from over heating. We camped in Lindville Falls and then made the journey home after stopping in Buffalo to meet Kyle's Mama to watch a baseball game. Oh and thank you Chik-Fil-A for keeping our tummies happy and to our little forest green Honda for being so extremely cheap on gas and not causing us many problems along the way while still having a blast!  

Valentines day

by Genevieve Hutchinson

I had a lovely Valentines day spent with my best bud. It consisted of sleeping in, our favourite coffee spot (Tamp in Burlington) for americano's and the best pecan square, candy, ketchup Doritos, light pink roses, picked up a copy of Kyle's "man-up" appearance in Missy Inked magazine, shared a sushi love boat and ended the night watching a sappy romantic movie. 

photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Love story

by Genevieve Hutchinson

My parents, Gloria Jean and Brock Noble met when they were just 16 years old while on seperate school trips to Italy;  by fate they happened to be visiting the Trevi fountain on the same day. It was love at first sight. They quickly found out they lived in neighbouring towns back home in Canada. 35 years of marriage, three sons and one amazing daughter later, they're still madly in love. They plan to travel Europe this summer and visit the most romantic city of Paris. I only hope to have a fairy tale story like theirs someday. Check out these sweet polaroid's I found of them from back in the day. 

Scan 2.jpeg